Talking Gina the Giraffe – your new speaking pet giraffe!

On May 18, 2011

From the one who creates  the  Talking Tom , now  comes Talking Gina, your new speaking pet giraffe!
You can play Patty Cake with Talking Gina the Giraffe. This fresh  and addictive reflex-building hand clapping game brings fun and challenges for all ages!





Few things about  Gina : Say anything you want to Gina and she will say  your words back to you but in the way that  she only knows how. If you will take good care of her, she will definitely be your best friend you ever had! Make sure not to disregard her or treat her badly because  she will get upset and  won’t be as cheery. Not to worry though, you can keep her happy by playing  the 32 levels of Patty Cake, an addictive hand clapping game that will advance  your reflexes, your hand-eye coordination and your friendship with Gina! She will thank you for it!

Try to Record videos of Talking Gina and then  share them with friends via YouTube, Facebook, email or MMS.




via @148apps