Tap For Tap – The Free Exchange for Mobile App Promotion

On April 18, 2012


Considering the fact that there are currently more than 1 million apps for iOS and Android devices, getting your App discovered by users can sometimes seem like a daunting task. This is where Tap for Tap  enters, it was created by Todd Dunlop and Eric Dyck to answer exactly this question and to help solve the emerging problem of app discovery in the quickly growing industry.

Tap for Tap is a free exchange for mobile app promotion, designed to provide independent app developers for iOS and Android devices, the ability to freely cross-promote each others applications.

After installing Tap for Tap’s simple SDK, app developers can begin promoting other applications. Every ad shown earns you a credit, which can be used to promote your own app on our network.

According to founder Eric Dyck:

“The interest level has been off the charts. We’re just happy to see that we’re providing app developers with value. We recognize that’s the only way we’ll stay in business and flourish like we hope to.”

Tap for Tap continues to gather steam as it attracts 100s iOS and Android developers with its simple, powerful and timely value proposition: great promotional value for no cost. Since release earlier this month Tap for Tap has continued to receive applications from developers and the company current has over 100 active applications across iOS and Android platforms, across all categories on the network. At the same time several hundred developers have signed up and in various stages of integrating their apps in the network.

Below is a video that might help to explain exactly how Tap for Tap works: