Tap Pet Hotel – build your own pet hotel

On May 15, 2011

Are you feeling able to grow your small kennel into a world-class pet hotel getaway?

Construct a hotel with special themed rooms for unlocking  new pets to stay at your luxury pet resort. Pets can also  sleep at the hotel such as  enjoying many fun activities



Tap Pet Hotel features :

РMore than  60 different rooms of all themes, shapes and sizes

-over  50 different pets starting from  cute puppies to exotic dragons

– Hire staff to take care for your pets

– Construct fun rooms for pets to have fun with staff and with other pets

– Use connectors to create hotels with really creative and different layouts

РCollect money from your guests and use them  to make an even better hotel

РGet  new rooms and animals at every new level

– Discover new pets unlocked by upgrading room

РChange the  outside of your hotel into an attractive place  to attract more customers

– Visit your friends and play together

– Works on the iPod Touch, all iPhones and the iPad



via @148apps