Tap Ranch – a very attractive iPhone game

On May 15, 2011

Tap Ranch application will give you the possibility to grow your own crops, raising animals and to¬† invest¬† in “makers” to produce your own cheese, wine and fruit pies!

Cultivate¬† alfalfa to feed cows and after that they will give you¬† milk, or corn to feed chickens to make eggs. Decorate your ranch exactly as you like¬† and buy functional greenhouses where all your harvests will¬† grow faster and don’t spoil! This game is¬† easy and simple as 1-2-3.



But are you thinking to sell your milk, eggs and flour now, or to save them to make bread and sell them later for more money?

How do you make these items?

Cheese comes from ?
Ketchup comes from ?
Wine comes from ?
Pies comes from ?
Bread comes from ?
Fabrics comes from ?
Honey comes from ?

Tap Ranch features :

РOver 22 varieties of crops, trees and delicious  fruits such as mangos, plums, cherries and bananas

– Plow, seed and harvest to get experience and coins

РBuy from  small to huge greenhouses to increase your harvests  up to 80% faster

РBeautify your ranch with over 70 buildings, fences and premium decorations such as  Old farm trucks, fireplaces and antique lanterns

РGet your ranch expanded  and level up to 80+ levels with the help of organic fertilizers

– If you want to get more experience you can visit your¬† neighbor’s ranches¬† and than you will become “featured” neighbors.


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