Tap town – be the mayor of your own personal tow

On May 16, 2011

If you want to be the mayor of your own personal town, Tap Town will give this opportunity.Tap Town is  a fun city builder game made especially for  iPhone.

The game will give you the power to  control the city where you will construct  businesses, buildings, roads and decorations to make very  popular among its citizens and also  profitable in order to have it developed further.





One  important factor in this game  is the citizens happiness which can be influenced by the constructions available which range from those aiming and ensuring  more population, more cash  making construction or more fun by  adding buildings which are nearly related to each other and which will require from you, the mayor some fine balancing in order to have the dream city.

So if you want to take control over a city and design it exactly as you like , try out this application. It’s free!


via @148apps