Tempered glass screen protectors for iPhones

On February 1, 2012

Screen protectors are considered a must for almost all devices because the screen can easily be damaged or scratched when left unprotected. The same goes to the iPhone as well. However, a lot of these screen protectors are plastics made out of PET film but never anything else other than a type of plastic. Some companies on the other hand try a different approach as instead of plastic, they are selling screen protectors for iPhone devices which are made out of glass, or rather tempered glass to be precise.

Most advanced  protectors use tempered glass as this particular solution is three times stronger than the usual screen protectors that use PET films. This means that keys or even knives will not have an effect towards this kind of protectors. In addition to that, their shock absorbency is also higher as compared with the normal screen protectors which would definitely help in case of a fall. Their 0.4mm nature makes them rather thin an unobtrusive as well.