Temple Run Official Release Date March 27th

On March 14, 2012

Temple Run

Download Temple Run on Android March 27th

That’s right an official release date for Temple Run on Android has been made known by it’s developers, March 27th is d-day! All of you long awaiting fans will be happy to Download Temple Run to your android devices, at long last!

Every now and then a game will come out on a mobile device, and it just takes off and becomes a huge hit, like Angry Birds for example.

Temple Run

Temple Run is one of these games, it’s addictive! It has simple concepts and is very easy to play.  You can progress through the game by getting certain achievements and unlocking exciting new levels. The whole idea of the game is to control the position and direction, of what some people have been calling an Indiana Jones style character, and try to avoid certain obstacles such as big gaps and fallen trees along with collecting coins and powerups.

Temple Run Gameplay

Even with no multiplayer feature the game is still massively competitive with a total end score on the iPhone version of 10 million!

Temple Run is currently being ported to Android devices by a developer called Imangi Studios. Temple Run has been available on iOS  for just a short amount of time but already it has surpassed 40 million downloads, so it may well  be a good idea to give it a try! and like the title states Temple Run has  been given an official release date  of March 27th for Android so if your using an android device you’ll just have to wait until then.

What’s your best score? Post a comment here and compare your Temple Run scores.