Ten One Pogo Stylus – Review

On March 25, 2009

Our Take:
First off, this is one of the three accessories that you can get from Ten One Designs. There is a “better” stylus called the “Pogo Sketch” which supposedly allows you more precise or accurate sketching capabilities.

What’s so Special?
What do you think? It’s one of the few styluses’ out there that has capacitive touch technology. Doesn’t that make you want one? Capacitive Touch Technology…Wow! Ok, I sort of made up the Technology part but yes, there is some worth to this stylus because the iPhone is considered to have a capacitive screen which means…
A capacitive touchscreen panel is coated with a material, typically indium tin oxide, that conducts a continuous electrical current across the sensor. The sensor therefore exhibits a precisely controlled field of stored electrons in both the horizontal and vertical axes – it achieves capacitance. The human body is also an electrical device which has stored electrons and therefore also exhibits capacitance. Capacitive sensors work based on proximity, and do not have to be directly touched to be triggered. It is a durable technology that is used in a wide range of applications including point-of-sale systems, industrial controls, and public information kiosks. It has a higher clarity than Resistive technology, but it only responds to finger contact and will not work with a gloved hand or pen stylus. Capacitive touch screens can also support Multitouch.

In a nutshell, you can’t use any ordinary stylus like your pen cap, palm stylus, or any similar type of writing utensil. Now you understand why this Pogo Stylus is very special. It WORKS!


We were going to get to this part at some point. What is the use you ask? Well, at first, I laughed at something like this. I mean, the reason we bought an iPhone is due to its uniqueness to having the capability to use your fingers (although I have seen people use the tip of their nose) to manipulate the device by touch. Next thing we know, a company creates a stylus and everything is out the window!

Seriously though, there is some use to it. As stated before, I did laugh when they came out with something like this but I have found that the stylus found some use especially if you live in the “colder states/country” where you don’t wan to take your gloves off.

Unfortunately, this leads to risking on losing the stylus at some point…if you were like me.

Fortunately, they do include a clip that you can attach to your iPhone which the stylus can be clipped on. If you were like the 85% of the people out there who hates to add bullk to the iPhone’s streamlined design, well this may not be an option for you. Now…if you were like the 99% of people out there that has a case on your iPhone, tough luck…you won’t be able to attach the clip to attach your pen, in which case, you’ll loose the stylus either way. Hahaha…  So we’re back to square one.

Once again, on a serious note, the pen works. What can I say? Just don’t lose it. It’s small enough and has quality written all over it (actually it says Pogo Stylus) but that’s beside the point.

I guess, I should have said, it is well-made… It definitely won’t fall apart on you and if it did, you definitely would have done better than me because I would have lost it by now.

Other than that, it’s cool to have if you can afford it (it’s inexpensive) and if you don’t like cold hands/fingers. Now you can actually use your iPhone/Touch without having to remove your gloves.

It comes in four colors (black, navy blue, silver, red). The clip can be fitted on an iTouch 1G/2G, iPhone 1G/2G and supposedly, you can get a clip that can fit an iPhone 2G with a case. I guess it all depends on the case.

That’s pretty much it for this little bugger. Check it out HERE.