Thank You All…

On June 19, 2009

Dear Friends,

It was about this time last year that Dimitri, Ron and I set out to launch a site dedicated to OS iPhone and the apps that would run on it. It was a mad rush to launch the site prior to the release of OS iPhone 2.0 and then a continued race to load the site with the initial App Store apps last July. In the year since the App Store has grown to over 50,000 apps, well more than a billion have been downloaded and the site has grown tremendously.

As a dedicated, some might say obsessed, iPhone user who really believes this is the next great computing platform, WOiP has been an absolute labor of love. Through it I have met some great people, have gotten to know and appreciate some of the top developers helping to build the platform, and I have had the opportunity to be constantly focussed on the newest apps or updates. I hope you, our loyal readers, have found the posts helpful.

Just a few days ago iPhone OS 3.0 was released. It is fantastic. This morning iPhone 3G S will begin arriving at people’s homes. (I keep looking for the FedEx truck!) Big changes are afoot for the iPhone… and here at WOiP, as well.

I have loved building this and having a site that I could claim as, in part, my own. For numerous reasons, however, it is time for me to bid What’s On iPhone fair well. This will be my last post on the site.

It doesn’t not mean I won’t continue to be obsessed, and write about the iPhone, I will, but through some of the other venues to which I have access.

For now, I wish all well, and know that the site will continue in the good hands of Ron and Dimitri.

Enjoy OS 3.0 and your new iPhones. No doubt this is still just the beginning.