The best World Cup merchandise

On May 25, 2014

It’s hard to believe it’s been four years since the streets were kept awake at all hours by the 2010 World Cup vuvuzelas. It’s that time again and the World Cup merchandise is out in force for another time – while it may not be as noisy, here’s a collection of some of the best World Cup memorabilia, from infographics to sticker albums.

The Coca Cola infographic


Back once again for 2014 comes Coca Cola with its FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour. This year, the tour is visiting four cities across the United States before heading over to Brazil for the big event, but not before it checks in to a few fan festivals along the way. The tour adventures can all be seen on the eye catching Coca Cola infographic, which will make fans both eager for the games to start and jealous if they can’t make it to all the parties.

The plane competition


Those who fancy themselves a bit of a Roy Hodgson can take the responsibility of choosing the England team into their own hands with Corals Plane to Brazil competition. The premise is simple: whose seat on the plane to Brazil is safe and who will be deemed spare baggage? As you pick your favourites for the England World Cup Squad, you can win the chance to go to Brazil this summer if you pick the same boys as Hodgson himself.

The online sticker app


Gone are the days when young men would storm the playground with their football sticker books – time has moved on, and with it so has technology, bringing football fans the world over the new Panini Online Sticker App. Guaranteeing the same functionality of real sticker books, fans have from now until August to collect all their favourites and can also be entered into a prize draw for one of 50 Panini Official Sticker Albums 2014.

The official FIFA World Cup app


While apps for stickers were somewhat unexpected, it wouldn’t be a modern day World Cup without an official Fifa app to guide spectators through to the grand finale from the team countdowns onwards. This handy app is with you wherever you go, giving you up to date results, World Cup news and team rankings, with comparisons to previous years to see how your team matches up. Available on iOS, Android and more, you’ll be on the ball with this handy little tool.