The Biggest Problems Of The iPhone 5, Which Irritate Users – How Can They Be Solved

On September 18, 2013

Despite its high popularity, the iPhone 5 from Apple has some major problems that caused big headaches for most of us.

Casing Scratches Easily.

Unlike the iPhone 4 and 4S, the fifth version of the smartphone has a housing problem, because it scratches easily, the reason being that it doesn’t benefit from a protective layer.

The phones can even damage during delivery. This problem is encountered especially on the black phones.

What can you do: You need to present yourself with your iPhone to the nearest Apple shop. They will be forced to change your cover or phone. Also, you can change the case or you can opt for a white iPhone.

Disastrous Maps.

When Apple released iOS 6, it came as “package” with new services, and one of them was the maps, designed to replace Google Maps.

But the company’s position led by Tim Cook did not live up to expectations as contained many mistakes (poor location of addresses and some cities were tangled together).

Consequently, Apple has withdrawn the application and has publicly apologized.

What can you do: You can return to Google Maps or any other application that provides detailed interactive maps.

Battery Ends Quickly.

One of the key issues for users of iPhone 5 is low battery duration, ending in a few hours.

On the other hand, the official record says that the smartphone can withstand up to 225 hours in standby mode.

What can you do: Fortunately, you can try some solutions for the battery to last as long as possible, such as opening and closing the device, closing Wi-Fi networks or 4G LTE, reducing screen brightness, closing notification service, location and email.

If none of these things were helpful, then you can try to “restore” it and the iPhone 5 will return to the default settings. Remember, however, to copy your personal files (photos, music, videos etc) in iTunes, otherwise you will lose them.

Doesn’t Connect To Wi-Fi.

Another common problem is that the iPhone 5 does not find Wi-Fi network, cannot connect to them or the connection is lost very quickly. In addition, some phones shows that the signal is weak, even if the user sits right by a router.

What can you do: Check if “airplane mode” is turned off, resets the network settings and see if the software is updated to the latest version.

Purple Pictures.

One of the greatest strengths of the iPhone 5 is its camera. However, users often encounter problems when they want to take pictures, because in many cases, especially when the aim is too bright, purple color appears in the corners.

What can you do: Apple advises you to change the angle when you take a picture, because you have to keep the phone right protect the lens with your hands.

Screen Problems.

Sometimes, iPhone 5 screen does not react very well to the user. In addition, it blocks when you scroll too much. Those most affected by this problem are hard-core gamers.

What can you do: Close and open the phone when the screen does not respond to commands or update to iOS 7.


Often, the phone changes its time automatically.

What can you do: Unfortunately, the only solution is to close the LTE network or close and start the phone again, when you see such an error.