The Cheap iPhone Comes With 4-inch Display and A6 Chip

On May 3, 2013

For months now it is rumored that Apple is preparing to launch a cheaper iPhone that would be available at a price of not exceeding $250 in the U.S. Since the terminal might interest many users today we find from Digitimes that the cheaper iPhone would have a 4 inch screen, A6 chip, plastic case that it should be presented at WWDC 2013 and released shortly after the event. Apple should prepare an initial stock of 2.5 – 3 million units to test the market, and if demand is high, production would increase.

Basically the cheaper iPhone front should look exactly like the iPhone 5, would have the same hardware, but would have a plastic case. To be honest I find it hard to believe that Apple could bring to market a cheaper iPhone with these specifications which would significantly reduce the sales of iPhone 5.

American analysts claim that the cheap iPhone will not be quite as cheap and will not fight with smartphones from the low-end segment, but from the mid-end segment and in the picture above you have illustrated the market that Apple is trying to cover.

The new iPhone would have a starting price of $350 – $400 and would be much cheaper than high-end model, but would take a price similar to the models that were put in the background by Apple. Given the fact that Apple has to cover a part of the market where there are not many options, choosing the price movements is quite logic, but of course we are talking about simple assumptions and do not know if it will come true or not.