The "Cheap" iPhone Will Have A Higher Selling Price

On June 20, 2013

Pegatron CEO, one of the companies contracted to produce the cheap iPhone that Apple is going to launch later this year, said yesterday that the device will have a high sale price. The statements were made during the general meeting of the company he runs, he invalidating low price for the device, although most rumors indicate the opposite. Continuing its claims, T. H. Tung said that the mobiles available on the market at the moment may have different names, but to associate the cheap word with an Apple product is a wrong thinking.

Chairman T.H. Tung of Pegatron and new iPhone will be explained if not cheap. It supposes that it cannot agree with how to call that it is cheap, and as compared with the price of future phones, today’s smart phone comes to be able to do many and its price is also proper.

Launching a new model of the iPhone that is not cheaper than the current iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 seems an illogical move, but Apple probably wants to place this device on the same scale with the iPhone 5 after releasing iPhone 5S, and perhaps it will sell at a higher price than the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S. Specifically, after the launch of iPhone 5S, Apple could offer iPhone 4 for free at subscriptions for 2 years and a maximum of $300 in case of purchasing at the standard price and the “cheap” iPhone may have a lower price than the iPhone 5 or around $400 – $450.

Yet all these are assumptions, but if the information provided came from Pegatron CEO, then it is clear that Apple will not shock the market when it launched the “cheap” iPhone.