The First Image Of iOS 7 And Its Homescreen

On June 4, 2013

A week from today we will see for the first time iOS 7 presented by Apple and will be available the first beta build for developers, but until then we see here the first image of the new version of the operating system. The image was taken in a quite old alpha build and many things have changed since then, but mostly the iOS 7 icons would need to be seen next. Apple has removed the gloss effect of the icons to present a flat design, somewhat elegant, but not very different from what we already knew.

Regarding the icons, their bounds were removed, the oblique stripes of some applications have disappeared, camera app is now slightly higher, and if you look closely at the picture you will notice that the Weather app no longer displays the “temperature”. Basically the changes are not as drastic as they were presented in previous weeks, Apple modified iOS 7 long enough to argue that it has been working on it to bring a somewhat new experience, but do not expect the whole world to change for you.

Unfortunately we still don’t see any applications interface and that monochrome design, but next week there might be enough surprises for us.