The First Information About Cheap iPhone That Needs To Be Taken Into Account

On July 30, 2013

The online world is almost suffocated by rumors and speculation with or without pictures, about the supposed cheap iPhone as promoted, now called iPhone 5C. We have been reluctant to publish such information in excess because until now we had no proof that they are based on some truth. As I said, we now have something tangible that can confirm the existence of the plastic iPhone.

Recently, a report was published about the working conditions at Pegatron, the new Chinese partner which assemble Apple devices. In this report it is said that Pegatron workers are working in worse conditions than those at Foxconn. But the information present in the report refers directly to the “low-end” iPhone of the Apple: “Today, workers have the task behind the plastic cover of the iPhone with a protective coating to prevent deterioration of the device’s assembly line. This model of iPhone, which has plastic casing, will be released by Apple soon (…) The new mobile phone is not yet in mass production, so production volume is not so important”.

As those from Engadget wrote, the phrase that appears in the report and make direct reference to the so-called low-cost iPhone does not warrant that the product is not just a prototype that U.S tests without any intention to bring to market. But, as I said at the beginning, this is the first somewhat verified information about the iPhone 5C of Apple.

Last but not least, it appears that the low-cost iPhone could cost around $400.

We let you tell us whether or not the price is at a level that places the product in the low cost category.