The First Manual For iPhone 5S Confirm Implementing A Fingerprint Reader

On September 10, 2013

Expected timing of tens of millions of iDevice owners is quickly approaching, tonight Apple will be launching the iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and iOS 7.

We already know that the iPhone 5S will contain a A7 chip, a fingerprint reader, a camera with better image sensor, a high-capacity battery, we found out that the design will remain unchanged and only that counts. We know about iPhone 5C that is actually an iPhone 5 with a plastic case and we have been talking about iOS 7 for a few months now.

During this evening Apple will present all these products and will launch a GM version of iOS 7 for application developers, following the public version of the operating system to be launched next week, probably in the middle of it. The two iPhones will be released next Friday in probably 10 countries around the globe, a process of pre-orders for them can be opened even during this week. Regarding the ability to watch the conference live on Apple’s website, I say that the chances are minimal, but if there are live feeds of the event, you will find them at