The New iTunes 11.1 Comes With iRadio And Support For Installing iOS 7

On September 20, 2013

If you tried to upgrade to iOS 7 on any iDevice and you failed, it might also be because you do not have iTunes 11.1.

This happened every time Apple released a major version of iOS, and today we received a new version of iTunes.

In addition to support for iOS 7, the new iTunes 11.1 integrates a completely new section, iRadio. Although in theory iRadio should be an online service dedicated to the U.S. after I created an Apple account without credit card with a fictitious address in the United States, I could listen without problems to hours of music of my taste.

If you have never experienced customizable online radios, like Spotify or Pandora, iRadio is similar as functionality. Basically, you can choose one of the 250 radio stations with suggestive names of genres of music or charts. If you find something on your liking or do not have patience, you can safely enter the name of an artist and it will automatically create a playlist of songs of that band and other singers with similar rates.

Also iTunes 11.1 comes with Genius Shuffle, a system that allows automating the creation of playlists with songs that, they go very well together.

The new iTunes version can be downloaded in the form of 32 and 64 bits from Apple website.