The Real Reason Apple Developers Site Closed – Hackers?

On July 24, 2013

Apple’s developer site, closed for several days, was not the victim of a malicious attack. The company claims that there was a security vulnerability, but a developer believes that the situation was caused by the discovery of the problem, not by exploiting it.

After Apple confirmed the security hole that allowed access to contact information of developers, the developer Balic Turkish Ibrahim, who now lives in Britain, said that the situation started with several warnings that Apple would have sent, on the security center.

Balic says it has discovered 13 security bugs in Apple Developer site, for which he wrote to the company but received no response. To demonstrate the problem, has copied the data of 73 Apple employees and then sent them to the company to demonstrate the danger.

The developer also agreed that he had access at the data of over 100,000 applications developers, which is why Apple said the site was attacked by hackers. Ibrahim Balic now fears he will be considered a hacker, though it is said a security expert with the best intentions. We believe that the website will be up soon, well, just wait and see.