The Reason That Apple Might Delay The Launch Of The iPhone 5S

On July 19, 2013

According to information circulated by sources close to the industry, Apple could delay the iPhone 5S for later this year.

According to revelations made by Commercial Times publication, the complaint raised by the company is a last minute change to the configuration of the phone. The 4-inch screen met at the iPhone 5 model is replaced with a more spacious 4.3 inch. Resolution of 640×1136 pixel value remains unchanged, but the display surface was  increased and makes the IPS matrix to have a density of 326 ppi slightly below the model found in iPhone 5. However, the sharpness of the image did not have too much damaged, the difference in area between the two screens is still low.

Besides a bigger screen, iPhone 5S will differ from its predecessor iPhone 5 and cheaper iPhone model by a new more powerful chipset and superior camera quality.

According to other sources, electronic components for the cheap iPhone model are delivered since June, and subassemblies for the casing will be ready no later than early August so that its release should not delay more than beginning of this fall. Regardless of the circulated rumor – some less credible than others, Apple is expected to present in the coming months at least one iPhone model, followed by a new product launch by the end of this summer.