The secure iCrypter for iOS is now out

On June 6, 2013


ProtectStar has just released iCrypter for iOS, a new utility, which offers sturdy 256-bit encryption for outgoing and incoming messages sent through Facebook, email, SMS, WhatsApp, Twitter, iMessage, and Skype. Unlike the other encryption apps, this one does not have the pay-per-message charges for decryption or encryption.

The app’s inbuilt iCrypter Contact Book has a secure encryption and stores various passwords that the sender shares with her or his iCrypter contacts. The secret passwords enable the receiver and senders to use the iCrypter, installed on their iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, to open the messages of each other.

Text messages and emails are like postcards as any Internet user can possibly read them. However, ProtectStar, the pros in mobile security, with at least 300,000 clients globally, created iCrypter to help users to effortlessly receive and send text messages and emails.

For more usability of the fitting encryption app, iCrypter has the optional fail-state feature. Thus, should you lose the iDevice, all the data such as passwords and messages will be erased if someone else enters the incorrect password five times, in a bid to run this app.

iCrypter is suitable for confidential communication for large corporations, investment bankers, mergers and acquisition executives, investment bankers, and anybody that sends messages that contain sensitive information.

iCrypter [iTunes link]