The WWDC 2013 app from Apple could reveal more about iOS 7

On June 5, 2013

Apple has unveiled the 2013 edition of its WWDC app before its annual conference coming up in June. The design of the app is fascinating enough to reveal more about the look of iOS 7.

With the release of WWDC 2013, many expect that the app will hint more on iOS 7 that is reported to have been going through a thorough overhaul, and overseen by Jony Ive – the expert behind the iconic look of iPhone’s amazing exterior.

Several reports have pointed out that Ive intends to come up with a “flatter” and more minimalistic aesthetic. However, with the update of WWDC app, after a number of conceptual mock-ups, what we have could just be the initial glimpse of it.

The change, presuming it’s a representative one, is not as dramatic as many may have expected. In a juxtaposing comparison presented on PhoneArena, you will realize that Apple’s WWDC 2013 application has left out the blue top bar and favoured grey that matches the other UI components.

WWDC [iTunes link]