Is there enough Air out there?

On September 5, 2009

AT&T’s been complaining a lot about how much iPhone users download–gently pointing the finger to all us iPhone users as the reason for problems with their service. 

I (personally) have been scoffing at that idea; with increase in profits and AT&T’s supposed improvements to their network scheduled or  currently being rolled out, I would think it isn’t the amount of data we are pulling, but the provider that’s the cause.

But maybe I’m wrong.  I just read at engadget that the FCC is considering opening up more frequencies for use in the wireless space.

This could be a boon to all us unwired people out there…but will it be enough?  I remember when somebody first had a 1 Gig drive.  I said to them, "Wow…you’ll never fill that up"…and 6 months later they did.

Does opening up more frequencies solve the problem? Or just put a bandaid on it?  I’m not an engineer, but my understainding is that unless you can get more "data" moving faster on the same frequency, you’ll eventually run out of space again.  Perhaps it’s best to invest in new technologies that will allow us to use the frequencies we have (and will soon gain) in a way that we can expand on our growing data demands without running out of the spectrum.