Thinking About Selling Your Old iPhone?

On July 6, 2010

Seems like a lot of people are thinking the same thing.  Sell my old hardware and subsidize my new iPhone 4.

Apple’s sell out hit has led to a different type of flood in iPhones, the flood of old model iPhones on eBay, discount sites, and recycler sites.

One such site, reported buying 20,000 used iPhones in 2 weeks after the launch of the iPhone 4, thats 19,650 more than they typically buy in the same time period before the new phone was released.  The price they pay for a perfect condition 32 gig 3GS iPhone?  $168.  A lot different than the $304 they would have paid a week before the new one came out.  eBay usually averages more $ for old phones, but with such a sudden supply hitting the site, prices have been dropping for the 3GS and 3G phones.  The number of iPhone 3 models on eBay rose 124% between June 5th and June 28th, so there is a lot of competition for people looking for those phones.

So what do you do with your old phone if the value has dropped too low and you don’t want to sell it?  How about using it as an iTouch?  Or a dedicated Pandora receiver on your stereo?  Maybe use it as a 2nd head to head controller for those 2 player games?  Or what about making it your GPS in the car?  I’m sure there are over 200,000 dedicated uses you can find.

If your not selling your phone how will you re-purpose it?  Let us know!