Three Keyboard-Tweak Tutorials

On April 23, 2009

For the longest time, I had this lonely single item on customizing the on-screen keyboard on the iPhone sitting in my potential story ideas file. A week or so ago I saw that Matt Gallagher posted a clever keyboard related trick. And then today, Luzian Scherrer sent me a link to a how-to he had just published. Finally, a quorum!

Here they are:

UIKeyboardTypeNumberPad and the missing “return” key, by Luzian Scherrer — The numeric keypad lacks for a “Done” key no more!

Showing a “Loading…” message over the iPhone keyboard, by Matt Gallagher — Envy the SMS apps “Sending…” keyboard overlay message no more! Shows how to display semi-transparent messages over the KB.

Adding Subviews to custimize a keyboard, by the mysterious “keyboardcowboy” — A different approach to adding a custom key to the numeric keyboard, this time presented as a tutorial to add a period for decimal numeric entry.

Working on a tutorial? Follow Luzian Scherrer’s example and let us know about it!

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  1. millenomi says:

    Of course, most of these techniques are undocumented (hence possible grounds for rejection) AND Apple specifically warns against doing bizarre things with the keyboard in the latest release notes.

  2. seventoes says:

    Ha.. I was just wondering about this yesterday. Thanks!

  3. Here is a fourth tutorial, which i created in response to the others posted here.

    Take a look at: