Tim Cook Prepares Attractive Promotions Designed To Increase iPhone Sales

On July 4, 2013

A few days ago Tim Cook hosted a private conference in which he spoke in front of the Apple Store leaders around the world about the importance of selling iPhones and about ways which would increase these sales. Tim Cook said that the Apple Store sell more Macs and iPads then iPhones terminals and it needs to change this because from iPhone the majority of users have contacted the Apple ecosystem, and they must come in an Apple Store to buy an iPhone and then to purchase other products.

Tim Cook said that 80% of iPhones are bought outside the Apple store, but 50% of them are sent with warranty problems at company stores, and these rates should change. In an effort to increase sales of the iPhone terminal in Apple stores, Tim Cook and his team are expected to announce this month new promotions designed to attract customers to their stores, but in the future the company plans to launch a trade-in program for iPhones and I talked about it last month.

Apart from all this, those from Apple organizes its retail department launching “an army of products” in this autumn, iPhones, iPad and MacBook tablets will be updated. Apple presently doesn’t have a leader who handles retail division, but even in the absence of a person to manage this important segment of the company, Apple is preparing to launch on the market many important products that will be available in its stores worldwide.