Time to sign up for iOS DevCamp 2013

On June 6, 2013

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The iOS DevCamp Organizers have announced that the eighth not-for-profit iOS developer conference produced by the original iPhoneDevCamp all-volunteer team will take place July 12-14, 2013 in Computer History Museum, Mountain View, CA, the conference only costs $50, however since space is limited you might want to register soon!

Who: Developers, designers, entrepreneurs for iOS.
What: 3-day weekend event, in the format of past iPhoneDevCamp and iPadDevCamp.
When: July 12-14 (Friday through Sunday), 2013
Where: Computer History Museum, Mountain View, CA
Why: We love the developer community!
How: It will cost a small amount to attend, with additional event costs offset by sponsors.



Beginning a week after the launch of the original iPhone in June 2007, the guys behind iOS DevCamp  has met every year to promote the work of developers and designers for iOS. The event will feature a large gathering in Mountain View, along with simultaneous satellite events to connect developers around the world.

Please Note:

iOSDevCamp is an event for iOS developers and designers with some previous experience on the platform, either the Native SDK or the web. This is not a user event, nor a basic training opportunity. Participants are expected to bring their knowledge, and extend their skills with connections to other developers and designers.


Should you be interested in sponsoring iOSDevCamp then check out the ‘Why Sponsor?’ page: