Time Warner Cable for iPhone, no longer just for iPad

On January 20, 2012

Time Warner Cable previously had an application for iPad and it had gained a lot of popularity amongst its subscribers. This is especially because the users can stream any of the channels available by Time Warner Cable through the iPad application. It was mentioned that there were a lot of requests for an iPhone version of the application and TWC complied. As a result, TWC TV released a version of the application for the iPhone after one has been released for Android devices last month.

Some of the features of the Time Warner Cable for iPhone include an Interactive Program Guide (IPG) meaning that users can check the listing for the shows for up to 7 days. In addition to that, users can also schedule recording through the DVR feature present.

With the TWC TV application released, it is possible to watch up to 196 channels on which some includes Thriller Max HD, HBO HD, Venemovies and a lot more. However, users will need to subscribe to these channels before they are available for viewing. All that is needed is an active broadband connection for the application to be working. However, it is not possible to use it through the normal data connection.