Tiny Zoo Cheat Hack: Bucks and Coins

On June 23, 2011

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Tiny zoo cheat for zoo coins and zoo bucks. A bit introduction about Tiny Zoo game for iOS device:

Tiny zoo is the best and most beautiful Zoo game in the App Store. Get ready to play the most captivating and fascinating simulator game on your iPhone with Tiny Zoo!! The main objective is to simply build an amazing zoo which is completely full of hundreds of animals. You just need to simply collect all sort of over 60 different animals from cutest Panda to ferocious Lion. You must have to breed all your favorite animals in order to get more of them. Make use of the lab in order to create new kinds of animals. Utilize flowers, paths, trees and much more in order to decorate your own zoo. Try your best to keep all your visitors happy with different food & shops. Show off your zoo to your each & every friend through Facebook or Twitter integration. Tinyzoo requires an internet connection to play. All the iPod Touch users will need a Wifi connection.
The game genre is similar like Farmville on facebook.

Tiny Zoo Hack Cheat

Before you get started, you need to get your PC and iPhone or iPod connected into a same wifi network. No jailbreak required for this hack. Simply connect the iPhone or iPod touch and PC where you will install the Paros to the same Wifi network.

Okay, let’s get started to hack Tiny Zoo bucks and coins. This is basically for Windows, but if you are using Mac, you need to adjust the guide yourself.

  • Download Paros from https://www.parosproxy.org/download.shtml and install Paros to your PC.
  • Find the the wifi IP address of your PC where the iPhone, or iPod touch and PC connected to.
  • Start Command Prompt (Press Windows + R on keyboard or click StartAccessoriesCommand Prompt) and type ipconfig in command prompt window.
  • Get the IPv4 Address of Wireless Network Connection. Example of my Wifi IP Address on PC:

    IP Address PC

    Yours may show different number.

  • Open Paros from start menu.

    unable to access paros.jar

    If you face an error when launching Paros, start Paros from its installed directory
    C:Program Files (x86)Paros (on Windows 64-bit) or C:Program FilesParos (on Windows 32-bit) by double click the paros.jar file.

  • Click ToolsOptionsLocal Proxy

    Address: The Wifi IP Address of your PC (in my configuration it will be
    Port: 8080

    Local proxy options on Paros

  • Before clicking OK to save changes, click Trap menu.
  • Seelct the Inclusive Filter checkbox and paste https://tinyzoo.tinyco.com/tapservice/api/ to the field below it.

    Trap options on Paros

  • Once done, click OK to save all changes.
  • Click Trap tab, and select the Trap response option (on the bottom) to activate it.
  • Keep the Paros window opens.
  • Now set your iPhone wifi setting to use the PC with Paros installed and configured as the HTTP Proxy.

    Tap the Blue Arrow on the next wi-fi name.

    Wifi Blue Icon iPhone

  • Scroll down to set up HTTP proxy. It will be off by default unless you ever have configured HTTP proxy before.
    Tap Manual and put your Wifi IP Address as Server and 8080 as port.

    Wifi HTTP Proxy iPhone

  • Launch Tiny Zoo app on iPhone and keep watching the Paros window.
  • When you see a response on Paros trap window like this, click Continue.

    HTTP/1.1 200 OK
    Server: nginx/0.8.52
    Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2011 01:19:31 GMT
    Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8
    Connection: keep-alive



    Paros Response

  • After clicking the Continue button on Paros, you may see more text responses with alot of Tiny Zoo variables.

    Paros Trap Respones

  • Click on the response text in the lower field and press Ctrl + F (or click Edit → Find) and type CoinsEarned. This is your Zoo coins and the number next to CoinsEarned is your current zoo coins.
    Change the number to amount you wanted (DON’T BE GREEDY). My current coins is 7769. I will add more 70,000 coins so I will change the CoinsEarned value to 77769.

    Tiny Zoo Hack Coins

  • Click on the response text again and press Ctrl + F (or click Edit → Find) and type PremiumEarned. This is your Zoo bucks and the number next to PremiumEarned is your current zoo money.
    Change the number to amount you wanted (DON’T BE GREEDY). My current bucks is 206. I will add more 2,000 bucks so I will change the PremiumEarned value to 2206.

    Tiny Zoo Hack Bucks

  • Once you have done making changes, unselect the Trap response option (on the bottom) to deactivate it then click Continue. (be sure to uncheck the trap response before click continue, I often forgot to uncheck that option)
  • You may explore other Tiny Zoo variables to be hacked like XP, etc.

    Tiny Zoo game should be started as soon as possible and you will have bucks and coins as configured on Paros.

Yes, you are successfully hack Tiny Zoo bucks and coins. In case the bucks or coins doesn’t updated, try to close Tiny zoo from multitasking bar and repeat the step above once again.

If the Tiny Zoo closed or crash after you make changes, there must be something wrong with your configuration.

Credits to [email protected]