Top 10 Must Have Cydia Tweaks for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

On November 29, 2012

6. Springtomize 2

Springtomize 2 is the ultimate powerful customization tool for iOS which will let you customize your device the way you wish. It offers you the ability to add more apps to your homescreen and your dock, add a cover flow effect to your dock, change the label and sizes of your apps, deactivate some annoying iOS features and much more.

You can purchase Springtomize 2 from BigBoss for $2.5.

7. AirBlue Sharing

The lack of Bluetooth compatibly of iOS devices with other brands of phones is a major drawback. AirBlue Sharing overcomes this problem by allowing users to share files via Bluetooth with any phone. You can send and receive any type of files such as music, photos, videos, documents, etc.

You can purchase AirBlue Sharing from BigBoss repo for $4.99.

8. GridTab for Safari

When you open new tabs in safari, they are all placed in one row so when you want to go to the first page, you have to scroll through the opened tabs until you reach to the first tab. GridTab is a time-saving tool which places all the tabs in a neat and clean grid like manner allowing you to easily navigate between open taps.

You can purchase GridTab for Safari from BigBoss repo for $1.5.

9. iCaughtU Pro

iCaughtU protects your iDevice from people trying to gain access to your phone. It works by capturing pictures from the front camera when someone enters the wrong pass code and forwards it to your email along with location, time, and a text message. You can also set a pop-up message to appear once a wrong passcode is entered. This is a handy tool which may protect you from losing your iDevice.

You can purchase iCaughtU Pro from ModMyi repo for $2.5.

10. Unfold

Bored of the old ” Slide to Unlock “ lockscreen? Then this tweak is definitely made for you. Unfold replaces the default “Slide to Unlock” with an amazing 3D animation that looks as if your folding your lock screen. It works smoothly, without causing any lags. It is compatible with IntelliScreenX, Lockinfo and other lock screen tweaks .

You can install Unfold from BigBoss repo for free.