Top 10 Photo Applications for iPhone

On January 6, 2012

After almost a year I used the iPhone 4 as the first phone I got to have a collection of photo applications for iPhone.

Most are free applications but some are paid applications and you can find them on the list below.

Instagram (free) – is an application that helps you take awesome photos, apply cool filters/effects and then put them on your online account.

What I like: The community is very nice. Many of my friends are already on Instagram and every day you can see new pictures. The application also provides effects/filters to images that give a retro air on your creations. You can also put photos taken on Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare with a single click.

PicPlz (free) – almost like Instagram, provides cool filters and effects to photos taken with iPhone and you can put them on internet afterwards.

What I like is that has a web interface and you can see all the photos from your computer. The rest is the same story as Instagram but with other filters.

  DailyBooth (free) – It’s the only application that wants to use the front camera of your device.

The photos can be private or public as you. A nice thing is that you can see photos of other people made in real time. If you click on Live you have a part of anthropological experience where you can learn what other people do, as shown, and this only a few minutes.

OldPhotoPro (free) – is a photo application for iPhone that makes photos look old.

You can choose between different effects, borders and colors to make photos look old or with a cool retro look.

SneakyPix ($ 0.99) – Great application that makes pictures secretly.

The application lets you take pictures with the iPhone without the others realizing. Pretending to have a phone conversation and continually take pictures, no noise. A really good spy.

  PS Express (free) – Photoshop is one of the best applications for iPhone.

Photoshop for iPhone is super useful when you want to edit photos quickly on the phone. Has good options and the interface is super intuitive and easy to use.

Picture Effect Magic (free) – offers many filters and other options to edit the photos.

What I like: the multitude of filters.

What I don’t like: interface is super obscure and awkward, but you can get over it because it is free.

  Camera + ($ 0.99) – brings DSLR options on your iPhone.

What I like is that you can choose between different options, as a normal camera: Portrait, Landscape, Night, etc. and adjusts the settings for your application so that you can make great photos. Another great option is the ability to select the focus point brightness independently, so you have the best from both sides.

TiltShiftGen (free) – is a photo application that modifies photos and makes them appear in miniature.

What I like is that you get nice effect without too much effort. Technique based on a super simple way, you have to make the top and bottom of the photo unclear/blurred and what remains in the middle appears small.

PuddinCamera (free) – lets you apply all kinds of cool photo effects … the only bad thing is that the menu is in Korean.

The application is super cool, has some effects that no application has and the interface is nice, although a bit obscure. The fact that all the menu is in Korean doesn’t help me, but I’m lucky I know about where the buttons should be and what color they have.