Top 5 apps of the week [I, Gladiator, Wunderlist 2.0, Rock Runners & more]

On February 15, 2013

For all those who haven’t had the time or were too lazy to search the App Store, we make things easy for you. See here are our top picks for this week.

Kickstarter for iPhone (Free)

It is just amazing how innovative ideas kindle in genius minds and how the world is always willing to acknowledge them. Kickstarter provides the perfect stage for anyone to share his ideas or concepts or projects and call out to the world for funds. As an investor as most of us are, Kickstarter for iPhone enables you to browse and discover great projects and even pledge an amount. Track the progress of the projects and wait for your complementary souvenir with this new app.


Rock Runners ($0.99)

If you guys have played Hell Kid game before, you need no introduction to Rock Runner. The same run and swing gameplay places itself in this action platformer. Run, jump, hook and swing to evade radioactive goo, dodge the fall to the oblivion and to pass through teleporting portals. Timing is crucial in this beautifully animated thriller and the 140 challenging levels provide more than your money’s worth.


Wunderlist 2.0 (Free)

Speeking of getting things done, an app that undoubtedly pops up in your mind is Wunderlist. Last week saw a major change when the 2.0 version added a plus sign on the Install button; Yup! Finally, it has gone universal. Say sianora to the boxed in pixelated app from your iPad and never forget to submit that assignment again. In addition, alot of bug fixes, smoother interface and more feaatures also find their space in this one.


I, Gladiator ($4.99)

“If you want a real 3D gladiatorial combat at its best, this is a game for you! Multiple foes assaulting you at once, hungry lions just waiting for a kill, insidious traps to avoid and put to your advantage – this game got them all! Swords, maces, spears, different fighting styles, power strikes and master combos – this game gets them all. Punch them, kick them, hit them, stun them, impale them, dismember them, burn them, destroy them! Be the best gladiator to be cheered for by the romans and their gods alike!”


Fionna Fighters ($0.99)

I couldn’t help smiling at their tagline “Fight like a girl”. Never saw that coming! But don’t think that this one is to be ignored just like that, because fighting as a girl is all you do in here. Fionna and her friends were on their way to a party when they were attacked by a group of monsters  Fionna has quite had that taekwondo skills and oh boy, bad day for the villains.  Use unique attacks, punches and different swords until you’re ready for the party!

And the runners up are!

Early Bird and Friends
Finding teddy
Aces of the Luftwaffe


Apps with notable updates

Junk Jack
Circa News


News maker apps of the week

Die hard