Top 5 Apps of the week: Ms. Splosion Man, Face Party, Gravity Maze and more

On April 2, 2013

For all those who haven’t had the time or were too lazy to search the AppStore, we make things easy for you. So, here are our top picks for this week.

Ms. Splosion Man ($2.99)

Following the steps of many other console games, Ms. Splosion Man also makes its way to the AppStore. Though Splosion Man has been caught by the Big Science, a scientist accidentally creates the female counterpart and that’s one thing he’s going to regret. This 2D platformer boasts spectacular graphics, sound effects and the girly comments are hilarious, despite being an action packed game. 50 levels of twisted, treacherous  and physics-based  gameplay, with epic bosses and innumerable achievements form the highlight of the game. This one becomes super difficult as the game proceeds, thanks to a below par control system, but hopefully the next update is going to rock the stage.


Runaway A Twist if Fate – Part 1 ($4.99)

Another addiction to my favourite genre: ‘mystery solving games’ with ‘point & touch’ gameplay. Most of these apps have managed to take hours out of my day and I don’t even feel like wasting time. Here, we need to help Gina find Brian by solving a series of mysteries and puzzles. Act on objects, talk with characters, collect clues, draw conclusions and crack codes till the larger plot is unveiled in this first part of the 2-part story.


Gravity Maze ($0.99)

Gravity is the boss here and all you need to do is, turn & tilt your device to let him do his job. Maneuver your device to move them through the maze, till all the little fluffies are home. The gameplay in this one is not so unique. I repeat, its not unique. Then, how did it squeeze into this list? Its the amazing visual effects and the sounds, comparable to, or more correctly inspired from, the World of Goo, which has shot it up in our charts. Charging only for skips, this free game is surely worth a shot and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.


Face Party ($1.99)

Avatar making apps have been swarming into the AppStore for whatever unknown reasons, but this is one them which managed to catch the eye of Cupertino Editors and of course, me. “Face Party! is an entertaining iPad app which allows to create interesting faces using an extensive range of various eyes, noses, mouths, and intricate accessories. Final pictures are made in a square format which is used for userpics in all social networks and forums.


Tiny Troopers 2 : Special Ops ($0.99)

Tiny Troopers are back but are braver and sophisticated than ever. Lead your team into the field of action and shoot’em up. Get the latest weapons, ride a panzer or make a boom! Doesn’t matter what you do as long as you’re still breathing  Upgrade soldiers, summon special forces and do whatever it takes to bring them to their knees. The sleek visuals and intuitive controls suck us into the game and at 99 cents, it surely isn’t overpriced.


And the Runners up are:

Knight Storm

Frontline Commando : D-Day

Quantum Legacy HD Turbo


Apps made better this week are:


Table Top Racing



Angry Birds Star Wars


Apps filling the Headlines:

Disney Storytime

Lie Swatter

Little Inferno Pocket Edition

Lingo – Tangible Translation