Top 5 First-Person Shooters for iOS

On December 2, 2011

Since the days of yore of the Internet (which would be sometime in the 1990’s), the first-person shooter has been its own genre of gaming. Once the general public realized that the iPhone and iPad could be used as a gaming console, there have been a deluge of such games. What follows is the five best first-person shooter games for iOS. This is likely going to be a controversial list as “best” is a relative concept. Feel free to present contrary arguments in the comments.

5. Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation – Quite simply, this game is the future of iOS shooter games. Between the excellent graphics and comprehensive storyline along with the expandability of it, this game could practically be on the XBox or PS3. This one is a huge download and takes up significant space on the device, but it’s worth it.


4. Red Gun – This one is actually a Western. Like the others, this one has excellent graphics and perspective. Unlike the others, there isn’t much in the way of storyline but the game compensates for that by charging a ridiculously low price. If you’re into Westerns, then this is your iOS first-person shooter game of choice.


3. Silent Ops – Technically, this is an over-the-shoulder third-person shooter but there are still angles and perspective and I’m a fan of similar such third-person games anyway (such as Batman: Arkham Asylum). Between the storyline, the graphics and the cutaway scenes that give the game depth, Silent Ops is a great shooter game and worthy to be on this list.


2. Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner – A recent upgrade of this game made it universal and not just for the iPhone. For those like myself who are old enough to remember the first-person shooter Star Wars arcade game, this is like that only much, much better. You can use the AR mode to shoot TIE Fighters in real life. As mentioned in the original review, since this is a 360 degree game, it’s best to play in a rotating chair to better simulate using of the Millenium Falcon’s rotating guns.


1.  Doom Resurrection – For those that don’t remember the game Doom, it was the original FPS from the 1990’s.  Doom Resurrection is a continuation of the concept with a better storyline and much better graphics than the original.  Unlike previous versions, this game was developed specifically for iOS.  It’s still the same in that monsters from Hell have invaded a future Earth (or space station or somesuch).  In fact, characters and storyline elements are lifted right from Doom 3.  It’s Doom and it’s a classic.


With the exception of Red Gun, all the games listed have an initial price of 7 to 10 bucks.  With the holiday season coming up, discounts are likely.  If you’re into first person shooters then any of the above would be a worthy time-waster to carry around on your iPhone or iPad.

If there are any FPS games for iOS that you feel have been overlooked or think the ones listed are overrated, feel free to let us know in the comments.  In other words, this is our list.  What’s yours?