Top 5 multi-player smartphone games

On April 24, 2014

multiplayerCell phone gamers catch a lot of flak for being antisocial. But with so many multi-player gaming options available you can have your eyes on a screen and ears stuffed with buds while still having your attention focused on your buddy.

Here are my five favorite multi-player smartphone games where I can get my gaming fix while not being a total hermit. And unlike some of my friendships, these are all free.

Words With Friends

It’s Scrabble without boundaries. Take turns forming words horizontally and vertically on the board using letters from your queue. There’s no time limit so you are free to make a play whenever it’s convenient for you. Form a word in the morning when you’re waiting at the bus stop. Then wait for your opponent, who can be playing from anywhere in the world, to make a word of their own. Take your next turn that evening while waiting for your dinner to cook. Games can last longer than some relationships.

Clash of Clans

This is like Zelda-meets-Starcraft on steroids. A medieval setting where you can build a community, train your army and then set out to attack and conquer the communities of players from all over the world. A chat function allows players to trash talk—or collaborate together—while looting and pillaging.

Homerun Battle 3D

There are no sacrifice bunts or intentional walks in this version of baseball. Get your sunflower seeds and square off against players everywhere in a real-time homerun derby. Add a personal touch to your slugger with a selection of equipment, attributes and costumes. A ranking system measures you up against the rest of the world.


Put on your poker face and try not to lose the farm. Be instantly dealt into a poker version of your choice at virtual tables everywhere to play for either real or pretend money. Play it safe at the low-stake tables or man up and go for broke in a big money game. Remember, what happens in a smartphone casino stays in a smartphone casino.

8 Ball Pool

The largest pool hall in the world. Play in tournaments of up to eight friends or use the game’s level system to find a competitive one-on-one game with strangers. Hone your skills in the practice area, customize your table and cue and win or lose coins that can be used to purchase items in the pro shop or get you into high-stakes games. Unlike a real pool hall, there’s never a wait for a table or a good biker gang brawl.

What you may or may not have noticed about my list is that it contains no Nintendo games. As previously reported on Mobile Orchard, Nintendo has no intention of going mobile—so there’s that. I guess I’ll have to actually invite my friends over to get my Mario on then. Yuck.