Top Free Cydia Themes for iPhone: Black 'UPS' Darkness HD

On June 13, 2011

This is one of the top free cydia themes for iPhone. There are alot of top cydia themes available, but most of them are paid themes, not free themes. So, this is the free one, Black ‘UPS’ Darkness HD, previously called only Black’UPS HD. Beautiful theme for your iPhone, iPod touch, also iPad version is available. Black ‘UPS’ Darkness theme supports retina display for high-quality display.

The theme color is black, refer to its name darkness. Standard iOS theme icons will be changed with custom icons from Black ‘UPS’ Darkness. Also some popular apps icons such as Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, biteSMS, Cydia, eBay, will be changed with custom icons from Black ‘UPS’ HD theme as well . No need to add additional repo because Black ‘UPS’ Darkness HD theme is available by default on Cydia.

How-to install Black ‘UPS’ Darkness HD theme to iPhone, iPod, or iPad?

Open up Cydia app on iPhone, iPad, or iPod.
Tap Search button on the right
Type Black ‘UPS’ and you should see some themes begin with Black ‘UPS’. If are going to install it into iPhone 4 (retina display) select the one with additional HD in the end. If you are going to install it into iPad, select Black ‘UPS’ Darkness [iPad].