TopTens’ Top Ten iPhone 3 Rumors- May 30, 2009

On May 31, 2009

At $1.99 Top-Tens strikes me as a dollar more than this type of app tends to run in the (overly) discounted App Store.

That noted, however, the app has a nice bit of special usefulness for the near future- it tracks the top ten iPhone 3 rumors and their likelihood.

What are they? Read on…

The developer decribes the app in this way…

Top-Tens lets you keep tabs on your favorite Top 10 lists. Books… Movies… Albums… Singles… TopTens keeps you up-to-date. Simply set up a Watch list of the Top 10s that you’d like to keep tabs on and let Top-Tens do the rest. How about the Top 10 Computer viruses? Or Email Spam and Phishing scams? Or maybe the Top 10 Online deals and Coupons? Or Product Recalls? Our Library contains all these and many more. And we’re constantly adding new Top 10s!. Simply browse the library, add your Top 10s to your Watch list – and you’re good to go! All Top 10s in your Watchlist are automatically updated – so you won’t miss a thing.


Personally, I find the app rather fun, especially for those who love trivia. I do, however, think the color scheme could use an overhaul.


Looking past the color-scheme we get… the top ten current rumors regarding the next iPhone.

And they are…


You can get it HERE for $1.99.