Touch ID Fingerprint Authentication From iPhone 5S Is Safe, Says Apple

On September 13, 2013

The new iPhone 5S started with three major improvements from the previous version, ie processor, camera and the new biometric fingerprint sensor and the last feature has immediately generated questions about this method of securing sensitive data. Apple has bent their ear to these questions and assures us that we have nothing to fear.

According to Apple, high-resolution capacitive Home button will be implemented in a precise fingerprint scanner user, which is processed immediately to create a digital template that will be used for subsequent logins. Touch ID system does not keep a raster image of the actual footprint, but only binary signature generated by software algorithms, and it is stored in a special encrypted Apple A7 processor.

Even if a device is lost and someone manages to lose the protection of Apple, the potential for identity theft is not possible because the intruder will get information which can recreate the user thumbprint. This was the question raised by security specialists who were asked how safe is keeping critical data on a device that can easily be lost or stolen, recovered the footprint enabling its duplication and use it for authentication in critical systems using the same biometric method.

Apple ensures that the storage method is safe, the company even refused the opportunity of using Touch ID in the business by removing access to it via an API. In addition, the company revealed that the Touch ID is a dual authentication system. Users who use this method will need to set a password that will be used for additional authentication whenever the device is restarted or was not accessible for 48 hours.