Each Touch ID sensor works only with the A7 processor from the same iPhone 5S device

On November 3, 2013


Those from mendmyi found that if the Home button of the iPhone 5S device is replaced, Touch ID sensor will no longer work properly.

This is because Apple has interconnected each Touch ID sensor with A7 processor of the iPhone 5S device where is available and cannot work, for example, if it’s moved to another phone.

The discovery was made after a client of the mendmyi firm had replaced several components of its iPhone 5S device, including the Home button. After many headaches, servicing representatives concluded that the culprit is the Touch ID sensor which works only with A7 processor from the installed device.

Immediately after the original Home button was refitted in the device and the Touch ID sensor has recovered, it begun functioning properly.

Thus, Apple demonstrates once again how secure is the Touch ID fingerprint sensor from iPhone 5S and no one can replace it in an attempt to fool with another phone or other counterfeit components. Moreover, Apple told us that all users’ fingerprints are not stored on company servers, but directly in the A7 CPU from each iPhone 5S device, so this can explain why the two components are so dependent on each other.