Tower Defense Games for iPhone

On January 16, 2013

Tower defense can be one of the most entertaining and challenging games that you can ever played. In fact, you have already seen it as a map in Warcraft III in addition to numerous other dedicated games out there. The fact that you will have to create your own strategy to win various raids makes it very entertaining. If you are in store for some iPhone games on tower defense, there are a few that is a bit more unique than the rest. Here are just some of the many tower defense games for iPhone that you might want to check.


Don’t have the money to fork out for your tower defense game? There isn’t any need to worry because TapDefense is a free yet highly recommended tower defense game for iPhone. It is definitely an addictive game much like any other tower defense games and since it has more than 40 levels to play, it will definitely take some time for you to master all of them. The game has since received a lot of high ratings and is now rated 4.5/5 stars.

Plants vs. Zombies

While it may not seem much like the traditional tower defense games, Plants vs. Zombies is actually one of them. It comes with 50 levels for you to play and features a lot of interesting characters as well. Suffice to say that it is both entertaining and challenging especially in the later levels. However, you will have to pay $2.99 for this application but even then, it is a good amount of money to spend especially in a game such as this.

Fieldrunners 2

The version one of this application was already hit but Fieldrunners 2 is even better than version one. It was rated full marks by a lot of review websites and even amongst the iPhone community, the application received 5 stars rating from 7368 users as of date. Some of the highlights of this application includes a lot of levels, great graphics and many more. Suffice to say that 99 cents that you will be spending on this application will be worth it.

Sentinel: Mars Defense

While some of aforementioned applications were priced at $2.99 each, Sentinel: Mars Defense is a cheaper option as it costs only $0.99. This game is like your traditional tower defense games but it already has paths on which you will just need to place your sentries along it. You can also compete worldwide through the use of OpenFeint as well. There is also version two called Sentinel 2: Earth Defense. You might want to check that out as well.

Star Defense

Last but not least, there is the Star Defense. This tower defense game is a bit different because you will be dealing with a 3D environment instead of the usual 3D that you see. Graphics wise, you will see better ones at some of the games that we have mentioned but the difficulty on Star Defense might be a bit more considering that it deals with 3D environments like we have previously mentioned.