TowrCraft – save the middle earth

On May 15, 2011

Men, dwarves, elves, and wizards live in harmony as middle earth prosper… the friends of peace and prosperity are working  to build and create  brighter life ,every day…

But far away , an evil spirit from a forgotten wasteland, is planning  to conquer middle earth, and poisons the hearts of orcs.




Now, the evil spirit send to middle earth  its army into battle, making war and wreaking destruction on its enemies…

The inhabitants of middle earth are producing  their last defense… The  rock and magic must maintain strong between the final doom and the dawn of another day…

TowrCraft features :

-  it has 28 different tower designs
Р12 dangerous  orc troops
-  3 magical skills
-  6 unique maps are available on this application
-  the game speed is variable:  1x and 2x
-  full game center leaderbords  and achievements

So if you like games with an epic fantasy design , why are you wainting for ?
It’s free!!



via @148apps