Truphone Microphone Adaptor Winners

On May 8, 2009

Truphone just made it a bit easier for owners of iPod Touch 2gs to turn their iPod into a phone. With ala carte and all you can eat plans, Truphone makes high quality voip calls relatively inexpensive. The best thing about it?… the iPhone/touch app works GREAT and the call quality is terrific.

Personally, I find Truphone to be a much better solution on my iPhone and Touch than Skype. I only wish they also offered a desktop version for, if they did, I would use it instead of SkypeOut.

Well, as we posted a few days ago, Truphone released a microphone adapter that lets you use standard headphone and an iPod Touch 2G for making calls. Details can be found HERE. The two recipients of adapters thanks to Truphone can be found after the jump…

Our readers



will be getting adapters as soon as they pm us their addresses.

Thanks to Truphone for making this possible!