Tumbler – The Latest Batmobile Comes As iPhone Pouch

On December 14, 2013


We might say that iDevice users are some of the luckiest in chapter accessories and the above picture is a clear argument.

Batmobile is one of the most representative elements of the entire Batman universe and the Dark Knight trilogy director Christopher Nolan has received the most radical reinvention. Interestingly, the change has been embraced enthusiastically by users, for which several pages appeared on Tumblr praising the choice and promoting variations on the same theme.

If you are among the few lucky enough to drive once in lifetime the Tumbler, a cheaper alternative might come as an iPhone case. It probably would not be the most compact one of covers and housings that we have seen online or in regular stores, but more importantly, it seems to me that the top at least, looks like a genuine Tumblet. Although is not necessarily a utility somewhere in this case there are hidden four LEDs which projects on any surface the popular Batmobile.

Far from being a project, this model can be purchased from a shop called Bandai and will soon apear on eBay.

The first copies will be delivered from March next year, at a cost of about $55.