Turn your iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S in thermal video camera

On January 8, 2014


Named Flir One, this is a very special casing for iPhone, able to turn your mobile phone into a real camcorder imager, which detects heat sources up to a distance of 100 meters, filming including through walls or closed curtains.

Infrared footage are played directly on your mobile phone, highlighting heat sources using a palette of colors from dark blue for the coldest portions until light red for strong heat sources.

Performed by an experienced manufacturer in the field, which already has an diverse offer in its portfolio of thermal equipment, Flir One is powerful enough to detect heat sources hidden inside walls or behind opaque barriers under normal light, such as dense vegetation or room curtains.


The case presented at CES 2014 is compatible with iPhone 5/5S phones and can be purchased for $350 – far less than even the most affordable dedicated cameras equipped with thermal function.