Tutorial: Here's How To Use Google Maps On iPad

On July 2, 2013

Despite the popularity of Google Maps, Google has not released in App Store a compatible version for the iPad tablets, but this cannot stop you to change existing application to run on tablets. It works only on tablets that have made jailbreak, so you cannot use this method on a tablet to whose internal system files do not have access, so do not unnecessarily complicate yourself.

If you follow closely the instructions below, you can run Google Maps smoothly across the iPad tablet screen, app must be installed before starting the process, but the application must be closed, including the background.

  • Open the iFile application and navigate to var/mobile/applications folder where you search for Google Maps.
  • Inside the Google Maps folder search the info.plist file that you will open with the iFile text editor.
  • From visible text there you need to look for the UIDeviceFamily entry and change the specification 1 in 2. 2 is the sign that enables applications to run on tablets including iPad. After modifications are done save the file.

Now make a respring to your tablet and at its reopening would be able to run the app on your full-screen iPad.