Twittelator Pro – Promo Codes Awarded

On January 15, 2009

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Twittelator Pro is a full-featured Twitter client with many more features than the free Twittelator. The fun and elegant design will make your social networking life run smoothly. Stay in touch with friends, make friends, and feel the pulse of Twittersphere, all in real-time.

Feautures include:

Tweet themes: Robin, Canary and Martin to match your mood
As many Twitter accounts as you want
Switch between accounts them fast
Post pictures, library images and maps of your location
Post high resolution photos to
Full access to complete Twitter Search
Persistent Searches for "re-searching"
Copy tweets and paste links and images
Send links from Safari to new Tweets
Large font for very readable Tweets
Explore Public Timeline
Explore Friends of Friends of Friends…
Help! button in case of emergency
Bookmarks for tweets and searches
Built-in web browser to view links
Tap top bar to scroll to top of Tweets
Bottom bar has page down control
Log file to see server info
Turn off capitalization and auto correction
Shows 5 times as many tweets as Twittelator lite
More info in Tweets than Twittelator lite

What’s new

– Create Sub Groups so you can track sets of friends

– Localized to German by Thomas Heinrichsdobler

– Localized to Spanish by Lucas Miñano

– Tweets with links to MobyPictures  show photo thumbnail

– Option to upload pics to or

(these get geotagged with map if Auto Location is on)

– Settings now organized by topic

– Auto capitalize option independent from auto correct

– Option to Tweet Without Confirm

– Immediate warning if you enter incorrect password/name 

– Quitting on a search launches with that search done freshly

– Double-tap tweet with #tag performs search on that #tag

– You’re warned if DM recipient is not following you

– In progress tweet restored after quit or answering phone

– In reply to shows name of tweeter (not message id)