Twitterrific 5 Now in App Store

On December 6, 2012

While the Twitter official iOS application is good, there are many more that are better. One of the best Twitter clients for iOS users is Twitterrific and right now, version 5 of it is available on the App Store. Twitterrific 5 definitely had a facelift of its own considering that it looks better than before. This is because you can change its look of whether you want a dark or a light colored profile.

Twitterrific has features such as multiple panels, multiple Twitter accounts, view conversation threads, VoiceOver support and many more. VoiceOver for example, allows you to listen to the tweets that are available on your timeline. Multiple Twitter account users can have all of their accounts on a single application. These features make it worth to buy the premium client that it is today.

As of date, Twitterrific 5 is available for 50% off. This means that you can get the application for only $4.19. While this is expensive as compared with other Twitter clients in the market, you will find that the money to be worth spent. So be sure to check Twitterrific 5 out and tell us what you personally think about this application.