UIMonkey: JSCocoa-Powered Interactive Development Console

On November 25, 2008


Japanese iPhone developer Ku was struggling to get the hang of the transform property of UIView – and wanted a quick and easy way to manipulate the variables in real-time by trial and error to get a feel for it. He set to work, and the result is UIMonkey, a JSCocoa-powered interactive console for the iPhone Simulator. (JSCocoa is a bridge between Cocoa and JavaScriptCore (Webkit’s JavaScript engine) that allows you to write Cocoa apps in JavaScript.)

You need to add JSCocoa in to your application, but once it’s all set up, you can connect to UIMonkey’s Web-based interface using your favorite browser. From there, you can play with code and see the results directly in the iPhone Simulator.

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  1. Thanks for the pointer, this sounds very useful! I would prefer RubyCocoa or MacRuby as the scripting language, but I’ll happily accept Javascript as well. 🙂