Unlock iPhone 4 without dial 112 using Gevey Ultra SIM

On June 19, 2011

Do you remember the previous issue with gevey sim? Gevey unlock method reported to be illegal because unlockers required to dial 112. The claim was spreading quickly to iPhone unlock community and many of them became afraid to unlock iPhone 4 using gevey sim. Gevey SIM method by dialing 112 making its legal status is unclear.

Although the producer of gevey sim explained that you don’t need to dial 112 until connected, but the rumors that overspread widely remain scaring the unlockers to use gevey sim.

GEVEY Ultra is a new SIM interposer for iPhone 4 which unlocks iPhone 4 without dialing 112. Yes, I don’t type it by mistake. Gevey Ultra SIM doesn’t require unlockers to dial 112 emergency number anymore.
Gevey Ultra SIM improved to have a better way to unlock iPhone 4. Both Gevey sim and gevey ultra sim have different requirements and actions to unlock iPhone 4.

Also, Gevey Ultra SIM permanently unlocks iPhone 4 any baseband and any firmware (up to iOS 5 beta 1) with no need re-unlock and re-dialing each time iPhone reboots (untethered unlock). No dialing method at all.

Gevey ultra sim unlocks baseband 04.10.01, 03.10.01, 02.10.00, 01.59.00 on iOS 4.x.x to iOS 5 beta 1.

NOTE: Gevey Ultra version requires a jailbroken iPhone 4 in order to unlock iPhone 4 and you need to install FuriousMod tweak from Cydia.