Upcoming Dance Party turns iPhone and Apple TV into a Wii

On June 9, 2014


It is no secret that most iOS users have been waiting forever for Apple to allow gamers to connect their iOS Devices with the Apple TV for better gaming experiences. If you own both an Apple TV and an iDevice you pretty much have everything needed to setup a basic Nintendo Wii, all that is missing is that developers take advantage of the opportunities created for them.

The folks at Rolocule Games, the guys who last summer released behind ‘Motion Tennis’, are back again with another motion-based game for iOS and Apple TV called Dance Party.

Rolocule Games state they will utilize the new Peer to Peer AirPlay feature Apple introduced in iOS 8, which does not require a Wi-Fi network.

The game will be released sometime within the next month, however the price has yet to be announced. You will need iPhone 4s and newer, the latest iPod touch, and second and third generation Apple TVs. Furthermore you will  also need an active Internet connection and an HDTV.

Here is more information from the Press Release:

Dance Party is powered by rolomotion that recently won the Silver Edison Award for the best innovation in the Entertainment category at 2014 Edison Awards in San Francisco. rolomotion is a technology which precisely tracks various movements of iPhone and allows users to play games using natural motion gestures on television using iPhone and Apple TV.

Unlike traditional motion gaming consoles that are limited by the number of motion controllers, Dance Party allows users to connect multiple iOS devices together and dance simultaneously in front of big screens like HD TV, Mac or PC using AirPlay Mirroring. Moreover, all personal statistics like calories burnt etc. of each user during multiplayer dance will stay on their iPhone as opposed to traditional motion controllers, which are merely used for detecting gestures. Dance Party streams to HD TV using AirPlay mirroring and has further reduced mirroring lag giving 2x better mirroring performance as compared to Motion Tennis – company’s first rolomotion powered game released last year.