UPDATE: Best RSS Read App For iPhone Yet! NetNewsWire Gets An Update

On July 25, 2008

The title says it all- the NetNewsWire iPhone app received a significant upgrade tonight. Does it make a difference? You bet!!!

Despite its limitations I liked version 1.0.0 well enough. And compared to some of the other RSS readers (like the one I reviewed yesterday) it was AMAZING!)

This update makes a good RSS reader a Really Really good RSS reader.

Why? Read on to find out…







First and foremost, the new verison improves performance significantly.

It feels lightyears faster than before. It just feels… zippier! In and of itself that is a huge deal if you are like me and have a large number of feeds. Personally I don’t want to sit around waiting forever for my feeds to download and now I don’t.

The new verison also brings much more flexibility. There is now the option to unsubscribe from feeds directly from the device just as you would from your desktop. If you don’t want to unsubscribe but just don’t want that feed on your handheld you can now do that as well and remove them from your iPhone while leaving them as part of your NewsGator account.

The Home Screen icon now shows the number of unread feeds. This means no longer going to the application to see IF there is anything to read but only WHEN there is something to read.

Moreover, the app now only shows those feeds that have new/unread items. This gives the interface a much cleaner look than before.

Perhaps best of all, there is now a button that allow you to either email links to articles or add that post to your clippings. The lack of an email option was a glaring ommision from the first version and I am glad to see it now fixed.

There are other improvements as well which all add up to one thing- NetNewsWire is now an excellent RSS reader for the iPhone or iPod Touch.

Excellent… but not perfect, though. The one things I see missing right now is the ability to access your clippings. Here’s looking toward version1.0.2!

In the meantime, if you use NetNewsWire make sure to upgrade. If you tried NetNewsWire but didn’t it try it again. Something tells me you’ll change your mind.

UPDATE: The (only) feature I liked in the iRSSmobile app I reviewed the other day was what the "Web-Preview". It allowed you to see any given post in its original form within the app itself without having to open Safari.

I was happy to discover that the update to NetNewsWire brings this same functionality. When a post is open you are able to either touch the "Open In Safari" button to see te full post in the full browser or you can open the full post from with the app by tapping the title. It is a nice little feature that saves time and makes NetNewsWire even better.